Animal Flow Workout

Product Name: Animal Flow Workout
Product Developer: Mike Fitch
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Company: Global Bodyweight Training
Cost: $39.99,-
Refund Policy: 60 day money back guarantee

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The hottest new bodyweight workout in fitness! You can benefit from more mobility, strength, endurance and power. And the Animal Flow Workout will give you all of these while having a little fun in the process!

"I’d say without a doubt the Animal Postures are a great thing to try if you are the kind of guy who is locked into a desk all day."

Animal Movements, which are just like they sound – movements and forms that mimic or resemble different animals. While some forms physically resemble the animal, others are more inspired by the rhythm or nuance of an animal. As the movements are mastered, combined, and incorporated into your workout, they provide an incredible workout!

“This stuff is a break from the norm, a great active recovery, increases dynamic mobility, stability and is flat out a fantastic workout."

Animal forms for exercise and vitality dates back as early as 186 BCE, when the famous Chinese physician Hua Tuo promoted “Five Animal Frolics” which were the Tiger, Deer, Bear, Monkey and Bird.

"Not only has it increased my strength and stamina but my flexibility has also improved, which was a plus I never even considered. It’s also been really easy to practice when I’m traveling, which can be often. Really been interesting finding so many new places to practice. Thanks for keeping it fun staying in shape!”

With Mike’s program, you’ll be putting together your own creative combo moves in no time! A new cardio workout that will get you away from the treadmill & Improvements in your power, strength, and endurance.

“Animal movements are very popular conditioning drills for BJJ or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I’ve posted many BJJ workouts here that focus on animal movements….The nice thing about Mike’s program is the time and attention he gives to each exercise."..

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