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In order to surf you need to be fit, you need to have a well established base of both strength and endurance.   You need to have balance, agility, and fast twitch muscle efficiency to come close to being able to surf.  All of these attributes are built with bodyweight training.  Heck the same is true for gymnasts, acrobats, fighters, the military, an so on!

A few years ago I went to Mexico for a much needed vacation after I finished my undergraduate degree and before I was going into my graduate degree program.
While in Mexico I decided to try my hand at surfing.  Mind you I was not tackling big waves, just little baby roller waves (or at least they seemed that way prior to getting into the water).
I met my surf instructor right out on the beach across from my hotel.  The guy was in shape, six pack abs, well defined shoulders, arms, and so on.  Picture Brad Pitt in Fight Club and you have his body structure.
His assistant who helped the group of clueless tourists attempting to surf had a similar build.
In fact he had the same build as this guy:

The surfing instructor came over to check on me.  I remember saying “how on earth do you stay so fit, you must spend hours in the gym.”  He laughed and said “dude I haven’t stepped foot in a gym ever.”  Taken aback I replied “uh what?”

My face quickly turned perplexed and I said “bodyweight training is for people who can’t hack it in the gym?”  His candid response followed with “dude your an idiot.”

We did a circuit of push ups, pull ups (on a tree branch mind you), squats, and core work.
After 20 minutes and the sun beating down on me I was toast both physically and literally with my skin.  He was winded but I could tell he had a whole lot more left in his tank.  After doing this two more times on my “vacation” I felt I was hooked.
I realized that I am getting more done in less time and am working out on the beach in the sun instead of in a cramped stuffy gym.

When I was out of cash and had limited time during graduate school I was forced to drop my gym membership.  Confused and not sure what I was going to do to workout I referred back to those workouts at the beach.  Within a few short weeks, I could of cared less to ever of gone back to the gym.  So I am here to tell you… It’s Time Drop Kick Your Gym Membership AND Sculpt Your Ideal Body With Bodyweight Training.

I spent the past 4 years heavily researching and learning the most efficient methods to burn fat, build muscle, increase optimal health, and use bodyweight workouts to get amazing results that last in a short period of time.

After months of testing each exercise and workout to optimize results it is time I release Bodyweight Blast X to the public.  Bodyweight Blast X was designed around a specific training framework that has been proven time and time again by various research to increase optimal results in less time.
It also reduces your dependency on the gym, bulky equipment, and potential excuses which builds a sustainable fitness foundation year after year.

The more solid a foundation is, the more it can withstand the changes that life throws at us on any level.

The training framework that Bodyweight Blast X utilizes is what I have coined “The Holy Grail of Fitness.” Our muscles are smart and in order to get your desired results you need to limit the chance of your muscles kicking into muscle memory with each workout you do.

I created the workouts in Bodyweight Blast X to never allow your muscle memory to set in or have you reach the dreaded plateau.

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