Kettlebell Training For BJJ 2.0

Product Name: Kettlebell Training For BJJ 2.0
Product Developer: Jason C. Brown
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Company: Kettlebell Athletics
Cost: $67,-
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Uncover Over 47 Kettlebell Exercises Specific
ally Designed to Make Your BJJ Stronger, Improve Your Conditioning, Increase Your Power, Your Posture and Your Pressure.
Let me give you a real quick introduction. My name is Jason C. Brown, I’m an internationally known kettlebell training expert and for the last 10-11 years I’ve specialized in helping BJJ, Judo players and MMA athletes just like you get the most out of their training and their bodies off and on the mat.

I’ve worked with a lot of BJJ players and what I’ve discovered from our conversations is that they want 4 things…
Are these the same for you?

  • You want to get the most out of your body!
  • You want to get the most out of your training, on AND off the mat.
  • You want your training to compliment your BJJ and not take away from it or hinder it in anyway.
  • You want the greatest impact for your time and energy investment when you actually get to train.

Look, I know why you got into BJJ, you love the action, you love the flow, you love the movement and the excitement.
After 8 years of testing, fine-tuning and optimization I’ve created a very successful and unique approach for BJJ conditioning, it’s called Kettlebell Training for BJJ 2.0.

Each module within Kettlebell Training for BJJ is strategically designed in such a way that you’ll quickly see results.
It's short and easy to digest and it includes a weekly Kettlebell Training for BJJ workout.

6 Weeks of Workouts: You’ll start off with 6 weeks of kettlebell training for BJJ workouts. I’ll be adding to these as we move along because I’m a geek and that’s what I love to do.
You want kettlebell training information that is relevant to your BJJ conditioning needs- you want to understand that information so that you can actually use it and you want kettlebell workouts that have direct and dramatic carry-over onto the mat.

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