Kettlebell Training in the Age of the Quarrel

Product Name: Kettlebell Training in the Age of the Quarrel
Product Developer: Mike Mahler
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Company: Mahler's Aggressive Strength, LLC
Cost: $169,95,-
Refund Policy: 60 day money-back guarantee

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"I have not even finished the "In the Age of Quarrel" Kettlebell Dvd but had to give a testimonial on the dvd. I am an IKFF certified kettlebell training so I loved seeing al ot of the exercises that I learned from Steve Cotter, Ken Blackburn, and Jason Dolby. This dvd is a must for any kettlbell lifter. This is the best information I have seen on Sport Kettlebell lifting. I also recommend this to any trainer who practices "Hardstyle" because a weak trainer is an ignorant or close-minded trainer.
Also the joint mobility and dynamic mobility drills are awesome for any martial artist of any style. This mobility training practiced on a regular basis would make an advanced martial artist much more dangerous.
I also recommend this for any personal trainer or strength coach looking to make them stand out as th
e best in comparison to the competition." --Kyle Rourke NASM, IKFF, RKC, CST

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DVD Length: Twelve hours and thirty minutes

Lets get right to the point. This 5-DVD course with over twelve hours of incredible footage is worth many times more than what I am selling it for. In fact that is what people gladly paid to attend the course live. You really blew it by not attending the course but fortunately for you not all is lost. Now you have the chance to avoid making the same mistake twice by ordering the DVD course today.

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I am excited about the all star line up of in the trenches instructors that will be teaching at this course. Once you see who is teaching at this course you will be purchasing the DVD set with the quickness.
Bonus Material! In addition to all of the Kettlebell Training, you get all of this additional info:

Ken Blackburn: The Importance Of Agility Training For Optimal Athletic Performance And Overall Well-being
Steve Cotter: How to harmonize all the individual attributes of physical training with animal based bodyweight exercises
Jason Dolby: Take joint mobility to the next level with Indian Club training
Andrew Durniat: Barbell and kettlebell Juggling
Mike Mahler: The Importance Of Optimizing Sex Hormones For Well Being And Vitality

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