MMA Mind Power - The Warrior in You

Product Name: MMA Mind Power The Warrior in You
Product Developer: Luca Senatore
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Company: MMA Mind Secrets
Cost: $47,-
Refund Policy: 60 day money-back guarantee
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What you are about to discover in this letter is the true and amazing reality of advanced mind coaching, neuro psychology and hypnosis for martial artists which is being used by UFC fighters and top athletes to win fights and perform at their very best. What you are about to find out WILL change the way you fight forever, if you stick to it and follow through, this MMA Mind Coaching Audio Program will turn you into a more confident, more focused and more powerful warrior.

"If i could sum up the ‘warrior in you’ programme in one phrase, it would be mind blowing! I really didin’t expect that listening to someone over my computer could be as powerful and effective as this has been. When i finished listening to the final part of the programme, and completed the exercise my body felt pumped and ready to go!! My wife didn’t recognise the person who entered the cage at my last fight, testament to how good this programme is! A must have for any martial artist." - Jamie – WW

Luca Senatore – MMA Mind Coach, Sports Psychology Expert, Mixed Martial Artist “Anderson Silva, Benson Henderson, John Jones and all the top athletes understand the importance of the mind game… I worked and trained with top athletes including UFC fighters and I know exactly what you need to develop the same winning mindset.  Now I want to share these secrets with you!

I have noticed that 95% of athletes had one problem in common: their mind!  They were doomed to fail because your mind can cause your performance to drop 30-70%!  Not being aggressive enough, feeling fear, nerves and other psychological impediments stopped fighters from performing as well as they could.  That’s when we started to develop a powerful audio program which in less than 90 minutes literally transformed fighters into warriors; all the fear, anxiety, nerves and self-doubts replaced by courage, confidence, focus and winning attitude.
The results from using these techniques? We created “Unstoppable Warriors”.

"Big thanks to @MMAMindPower for giving me the positivity and a great outlook on MMA and life in general! I’m ready to achieve those goals!"
Jack “The Stone” Mason – CFC MW Champion (Via Twitter).

There is nothing like this out there to compare the price with; the only mind coaching programs available talk about good techniques but they are very basic compared to The Warrior in You. There is nothing out there which includes hypnosis, NLP, subliminal messaging and advanced sports neuro-psychology specifically for MMA athletes (and created by MMA athletes).  So we were stuck! Looking at the time spent doing this the price should have been at least $770 but we wanted to reach out to more people and so we asked the pros, athletes who tried the program, what we should charge.

The Warrior in You will:

Help you erase fight nerves
Get maximum winning confidence
“Program” your mind to control the fight even before the fight starts
Have absolute certainty of what you want and how to get there
Undergo the mental “transformation” into the Warrior-like personality within you which will turn you into a “beast” before your fight
Fight more easily enjoying it more
“Leave it all” in the cage

No matter what your current skill level is.

"I was skeptical to be honest, I did not think that my head could have such an impact on my body!  I have started to listen to the program 3 weeks ago and I can say that I am totally changed as a fighter, my mates at the gym noticed it almost immediately.  My hat off Luca, I will definitely buy your new program… when is it out?"
- Michael – MW

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