MMA Ripped - 8 Week Training Camp

Product Name: MMA Ripped 8-Week Training Camp
Product Developer: Eric Wong
Official Domain Name:
Company: Eric Wong Training Systems
Cost: $97,-
Refund Policy: 60 day money back guarantee

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Before wasting your time, this is not for you if:
You’re looking for the next magic pill or potion…
You’re afraid of hard work…
You don’t care about how your body moves; you only care how it looks (go take up bodybuilding)
You’d rather do the same types of exercises and workouts over and over instead of mixing it up

Phil lost 33 lbs of fat (4.125 lbs per week), dropping his body fat from 31 to 20%.
On top of that, he gained 85 lbs on his max Deadlift, 50 lbs on his max Bench press and more than TRIPLED the # of Pushups and Chinups he can do…
… not to mention the fact that he dropped his Resting Heart Rate from an unhealthy 78 to a fit 60, ensuring that he’ll be around for his 4 kids a lot longer.

"This program is the first time I exactly knew what to do. I've never had such endurance before, the increase in Deadlifts from 1RM at 185 lbs to 2RM 275 lbs made my former trainer's jaw drop and my girlfriend is commenting on my new body daily :)"

the fact that they ALL gained in strength, endurance and cardio.
In only 8 weeks!
This is what happens when mixed methods are synergistically combined.

I first thought of MMA Ripped after I started using the same principles I train my fighters with on my general fitness clients in around 2008.
I’d already helped Jeff Joslin win a Canadian welterweight title and his UFC debut and other pro fighters win pro fights.
Once I started crossing these principles over, my clients started getting in much better shape in ALL areas, faster.
Areas like strength, power, endurance and cardio.

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