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Scott Sonnon’s New Primal Stress Is The Most Complete Bodyweight Training Program!

The driving force behind Scott Sonnon´s  books and videos, and travel speaking worldwide, can be cut down to one thing: “Live Boldly.” Scott Sonnon has become known for his training, coaching, seminars and coaching, not only for becoming the USA National Team Coach for five different sports, or health and fitness consultant to military and government agencies around the world, but moreover because he speaks of challenges we all encounter, and reflects the discoveries he's made through his own failures and struggles.

Most known for his physical performances, martial arts victories and physcial movement education, Scott’s true passion remains sharing how training is not only the body but also quiet the mind. As he has written, “Training is a metaphor for life, and within it we find ourselves, our potential and our character.”

Overcoming childhood obesity and  his learning disabilities despite an not so wealthy blue collar life in the trailer park, he faced violence, trauma, abuse and humiliation for his circumstances. Yet, he chose to change the world by changing himself. His martial arts victories, fitness and business success and international proliferation of his ambassadors teaching his conditioning programs and equipment exemplify only vehicles to his true goal of helping people reach within themselves, with self-empowerment to see obstacles as opportunities and problems as potential growth.

Throughout this 100 page book, you'll find 100's of Scott Sonnon reflections on various aspects of exploring the inner life of personal transformation, including chapters such as: Impossible is Nothing, Failing Successfully, Noble Persistence, Zencouraged, Know Fear, Inter-Gritty, Honor Accountable, Dream Audacity, Breaking Habit, In-Body-Meant, as well as many others.

"Primal Stress is hands-down, the single-best bodyweight training program available today, and I’ve tried almost all of them!"
~ John Sifferman, Professional Online Fitness Reviewer

Teaching tactical fitness for the federal government, I noticed the phenomenon from the opposite end of the spectrum: even these veteran trainers were not able to “enter” drills due to common aches, pains and injuries.

The pattern emerged: these impediments to their health and performance were adaptations from the stresses of their job. They had become “stress-shaped.”

The #1 killer in their world was neither bullets nor knives, but stress-related heart disease. Excessive stress cannibalizes our bodies, erodes our minds, and literally breaks our hearts.

Providing these agents with solutions to their occupational stress was not merely changing lives. It was potentially saving them.

"Primal Stress may well be the most complete and intelligent body-weight exercise program ever created. Emphasizing health but taking fitness to an edge FAR beyond the casual needs of any normal citizen, by the time you've outgrown and absorbed this you will understand your body and mind at a level absurdly beyond the human norm in a modern society."
~ Steven Barnes, Best-Selling Author, Screenwriter and Speaker

DVD 1 "Revive Flow" : Your awareness, coordination, and force production remain dormant until we use these simple movements to activate their potential like booting up a computer. If nothing else, the science underlying this program, and the practical application that you can easily follow along, will transform your quality of life.

DVD 2 "Flow Physique" : Flow Physique is the most complete bodyweight fitness system ever released by RMAX, involving each of the most effective energy systems for primal power and grace. Where other programs in the past have concentrated on one or two of these protocols, in Flow Physique you encounter the entire “Metabolic Wave” which has been proven at a federal level in government agencies to improve strength, endurance, stamina, and lean muscle mass better than prior methods.

DVD 3 "Flow Physique" : Thrive owes its birth to the modern science of biotensegrity, created by Dr. Stephen Levin. Our body involves a sea of continuous tension holding us together with sturdy struts pushing outward in balance. With these 6 micro-flows combined into one long flow, you activate your biologically optimal performance potential. Each of these individual components pair up with one of the 6 courses in the Flow Physique bodyweight exercise system. Taken as a whole combined, you will use them to expand your movement potential and recover from the intensity of exercise stress, like a flowing yoga routine.

The 6 protocols are carefully scheduled across turn-key, plug and play calendars where each day describes precisely your goals for the day.

Two additional manuals accompany the main book, the 99 page 4x7 Calendar Daily Journal, and the 141 page Week Calendar Daily Journal.

You will need absolutely no assembly required, as every day is detailed for you.

You can use any one of the 31 instructional videos and 31 demonstration videos to target your high problem areas. Or you can use the total follow along video to comprehensively address your entire body for optimal daily performance.

"This is now my #1 recommendation. Condensed joint mobility, power core workout, metabolic waving protocols in bodyweight, and compensatory yoga that flows. It is the TOTAL PACKAGE! The massive knowledge base on stress response and psychological performance = Magnum opus!"
~ Daniel Market

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