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Product Name: Renegade Mindset For Fighters
Product Developer: Stephen Ladd & Bill Gladwell
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Discover the Secret to Crippling Your Opponent’s Focus with a Glance

"Although most fighters believe that the fight is 90 percent mental and ten percent physical, they train 90 percent physical and ten percent mental. That is going to have to change as MMA continues to evolve or those fighters will be left behind."
Randy Couture
Former UFC Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight Champion

Elite fighters know that there is an inner and an outer game to MMA. Your day-to-day training and conditioning prepares your outer game. Strength, endurance, stamina, and techniques are directly impacted by your dedication to the art of MMA.
Unfortunately, most fighters spend 90% of their time on the outer game (the easy part) and only 10% of their time on the inner game.
Your Inner Game happens in your skull. It’s the mental side of the equation that controls your intensity, endurance, and tenacity.
It’s the ingredients that dictate IF you will give up.
Without a doubt, the fighter that can marshal both the physical and emotional wins every match. They have a metal-cutting intensity that cripples their opponent before the first strike is thrown. Their presence dominates the ring.

"The Renegade Fighter methods have really reduced my pre-fight stress. After turning pro in MMA, the pressure to get and keep sponsorships got intense. I lost some of the fun that I used to have with fighting. But after listening to the hypnosis tracks and using some of the confidence tricks in the program, I was able to let go and just kick ass like when I was an amateur and just fighting because it is a part of who I am.
Thanks guys."
Ray Amari
Professional MMA Fighter

We’ve taken our years of intense study, trial and error, and in-the-ring research to boil down the most lethal techniques into a step-by-step system – that flat out works,

Our system combines three state-of-the art technologies that have been picked because they deliver results:

1. Renegade Hypnosis: Dude, I’m not talking about swinging a watch in front of your face or you making an ass out of yourself clucking like a chicken. I AM talking about training your subconscious to create a lethal fighting machine from the INSIDE OUT.

2. Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP: Brother, don’t sniff your nose at this. NLP is the real deal and I guarantee that the top guys are masters of using it to dominate the bitches that roll into the ring against them. NLP literally hacks your brain to squeeze out mind-bending performance.

3. Energy Mechanics: As you read this, enough energy to light 2 light bulbs is coursing through your body. This bio-mechanical energy is the secret to the supernatural power exhibited by lifetime students of the martial arts. It’s chi. I’ll show you how to tap into this energy and use it to recover from injury, sap your opponents fighting will, and enhance your power, focus, and stamina.

"With all my years of traditional education in sports medicine - I'll admit that I was skeptical at first. But after personally witnessing so many remarkable improvements in my fighters, I'm a believer. My advice to fighters is to use it or get beaten by those who do!”
Eric Serrano, MD
Consultant to combat athletes worldwide

You'll never fight the same way again.

If you let me, I equip you with my Renegade Mindset System for Fighters. On of my fighters said that this system is steroids for the brain". He's right...

I’ll give you immediate access to the Renegade Mental Mindset for Fighters Guide. It’s a downloadable manual and audio MP3s that you can start reading and listening to immediately. Go ahead and print it out or read on your computer or Ipad, and download the hypnosis sessions right to your MP3 player… it’s made to be easy to use.
You’ll get the low-down on every clever mental strategy and performance hack that we’ve discovered in our 37 years as an elite trainers and coaches.
Alone…this would make you an absolute nightmare opponent in the ring.

We are constantly exploring new methods and technologies in alternative sports psychology. You will get immediate access to all new materials, whether that be a new or re-worked chapter in the manual, or additional hypnosis tracks that are added to the program. You get any and all upgrades to this program FOR LIFE.

“Being in the fight game for most of my life, I can tell you that success in the ring is at least 80% mental. These Renegade Techniques aren't like the stuff you hear about from pansy-ass sports psychologists. As a fighter or a coach - you NEED these secret skills or you'll be at a huge disadvantage... pure gold!"
Rob Pilger
3x Golden Gloves Champion
Level II USA Boxing Coach
Old Skool Fight Sports Academy
Columbus, Ohio

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