Super Hero Fat Loss

Product Name: Super Hero Fat Loss
Product Developer: John Romaniello & Matt McGorry
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Company: John Romaniello & Matt McGorry
Cost: $39,99,-
Refund Policy: 60 days 100% money-back guarantee
Bonus: Super Hero Combat Guide

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If you’ve ever seen a movie star go from chubby chubby or even fat… to freaky-ripped and muscular, and wondered “how did he do that?” Then the information on this page is for you.

You’ll discover exactly how YOU can use the same cutting-edge fat-busting techniques previously reserved for Hollywood’s “elite”… and how it’s possible to get the body of your dreams, WITHOUT using ANY drugs, crash dieting or starving on “rabbit food”…

Exclusive Launch Bonus: The Super Hero Combat Guide

Super Heroes come in shapes and sizes, with all different abilities. And while they can be extremely different, they al have one thing in commmon who matter who they are, no matter what their powers…all super heroes need to know how to FIGHT.

Which is why, for anyone who picks up SUPER HERO Fat Loss during the launch, I am including the incredibly awesome, SUPER HERO Combat Guide.

Co-written with Joe Dowdell, one of the of the top MMA trainers in NYC, the Combat Guide is made up of the workouts from the ACTUAL training logs from Joe’s sessions with some of his elite MMA athletes. This bonus is one of the most ELITE guides ever published, and because it’s based on the work of actual athletes, for their sake we CANNOT keep this bonus available for long.

And so, from now until tomorrow at MIDNIGHT, anyone who picks up Super Hero Fat Loss will get the SUPER HERO Combat Guide for NOTHING. Nada. $0.00. Zilch. These guys pay Joe about $300 PER HOUR for training, so when I tell you that this guide is conservatively valued at $297, you’ll know that I’m not exaggerating.

This is why I specifically created the Super Hero Fatloss System to help you:

Shed Stubborn Fat – Whether it’s shedding that first ten pounds or blasting away that irritating, and oh-so persistent final two inches from your waistline – the goal is to get you as ripped as possible…no compromises!

Build Size Naturally – Even as the fat begins to dissapear, you’ll begin to add pounds of well-defined, rock-hard muscle at the maximum possible rate.

Increase Your Athletic Performance – You’ll find yourself reaching new levels of flexibility…and gaining a more dynamic form of muscle.

Build Endurance – You’ll develop Olympic-calibre agility, coordination and balance…and maximize your endurance… while also massively boosting your overall athletic performance.

Tell me, when you watch super hero flicks like the X-Men series or Thor, do you tell yourself:
“There’s simply no way I could ever look like that.”

If “yes” was the answer, then I have news for you – those beautiful hunks and babes you see fighting the bad guys on-screen weren’t born that way – they had to follow a specific plan…but…

…they also had to do it the RIGHT way.

Over the years we trained:

  • Actors
  • Musicians
  • Producers
  • Models
  • Athletes
  • Everyday Super Heroes like YOU

The Super Hero Fatloss program is made up of 3 Phases that are strategically designed to give your body the most systematic distribution of exercise…
…Giving you MAXIMUM fat burning results in the shortest possible time…

Phase 1 – Super Powered Fat Loss: This phase is all about breaking down your existing fat stores so the pounds melt off as quickly as possible.
Phase 2 – Super Speed Fat Loss: This is the phase of the system that will help you ramp up your overall metabolic rate so that you continue to burn fat long-term.
Phase 3 – Super Heroic Fat Loss: By the end of phase 3, you’ll be sculpting your body with extraordinary precision.

The manual contains the core program of the Super Hero Fat Loss system written two of New York’s “A-List” fitness trainers. You’re getting the exact same strategies used to prepare top-tier celebrity clientele for their million-dollar roles…at a fraction of the price.

If you’re like the vast majority of my previous female clients, getting all “Hulked Up” isn’t exactly the most popular option on your workout menu.
Flavia Delmonte wrote this comprehensive, ladies-only training guide. He went to great lengths to give you an exclusive manual that complements how your body works with the phases in Component 1. This manual is specifically designed help you achieve the coveted ‘Wonder Woman’ physique…

A tremendous amount of research and experimentation went into the workout guides, but Super Hero Fat Loss Program tirelessly poured the same intense research into the creating a diet that produce a potent “catapult” effect that will max out your exercise efforts.
This guide goes beyond covering what you should consume – it’s system based on timelines that work with your body’s chemistry. The supplementation guide helps you understand the critical aspects of complicated issues like post-workout nutrition, nutrient timing, and more.

A checklist was put together for serious super heroes in training keep track of every aspect of their workout regimen. This checklist ensures that no surprises spring up and that you’re always stocked up with everything you need (all real super heroes are always ready!) for equipment and supplements.

Pictures aren’t good enough for Super Heros–you need video.  That’s why we recorded a high def database of the exercises in the program, and set them up to stream directly to your computer so that you have instant access.

And so much more!

You’re Just a Few Short Weeks Away From The Shredded, Fat-Free Physique Of Your Favorite Super Hero. Become One By Clicking Here!