TacFit Survival

Product Name: TacFit Survival
Product Developer: Alberto Gallazzi
Official Domain Name: www.tacfit-survival.com
Company: RMAX.tv Productions
Cost: $97,-
Refund Policy: 60 days money-back guarantee

Move to Survive so You Become Fit to Thrive By Clicking Here

Exercising with “adaptable and complex movements” becomes a compelling, rational argument for an evolutionary approach to fitness. As we were genetically designed for our Paleo hunting and gathering, our brains evolved specifically to enable the adaptable and complex movements which we find in our ancient and modern martial arts, as well as through tribal dance expressions such as b-boy breakdance and urban “locomotive” disciplines like Parkour.

"I had the chance to meet Albert and be followed by him in the last two years. As bouncer I need reactivity, strength and stamina. The protocol Tacfit Survival suits my needs perfectly, and has become the cornerstone of my training. Thanks Alberto."

Weʼve focused on one key ingredient which had been missing from most fitness approaches: incremental progression [of adaptable and complex movement. How do you begin with the simple and move to the complex in such a way that it never frustrates, confuses or halts progress? The TACFIT suite of programs has shown the public my formula for breaking down movements into their simplest components, and building them step-by-step in an errorless process.

“TACFIT Survival delivers the best of both worlds: brains & bronze! These are by far the most sophisticated, stimulating, & energizing exercises rolled into 1 program I’ve experienced to date."
Besides his incredible pedigree of practical application training special operations teams around the world, as well as his service as an airborne commando in the Italian special forces, Alberto Gallazzi has protected some of the worldʼs most targeted individuals such as the Italian Prime Ministerʼs family, George Clooney, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Victoria Beckham.
When you have very limited time, standing very long hours at post protecting high profile clientele, you cannot afford superfluous training. Your training must be laser precise, time-efficient, and involve accelerated recovery. If youʼre beaten up, riddled with aches and pains, and unable to move with grace and power, then you're by definition practicing “un-fitness". Most approaches, Alberto found, are unfit exercise.

"I had the privilege to be part of a group that tested Alberto Gallazzi’s TACFIT SURVIVOR. It’s a physically demanding program, but I survived to tell the tale, and recommend it for all of us who train TACFIT, CST - because the foundation will really help. Can't wait to add it to my arsenal."

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